Movie Review: Don't Worry Darling

Movie poster.This film is a masterpiece. Sure, the plot is nothing special ("What is the dark secret behind this seemingly idyllic life?!?) but it is directed with such flare and texture that it becomes a joy to watch. I can't remember when I last saw something which kept me engrossed just through the sheer inventiveness of its design.

I love going into movies without knowing anything about them. I'd seen the poster (made it look like a romance movie) and I was vaguely aware there was some "drama" behind the scenes (hardly riveting) - so I wasn't expecting a smart sci-fi satire which ratcheted up the tension with each scene.

As I said, the plot itself is paper-thin. I daresay if you're a twenty-something it might seem startlingly original to you - but there's nothing new left under the sun. But what is original is the way the film isn't afraid to use every trick in the book to create a fever-dream atmosphere.

The nasty little undercurrent of the "rationalists" and "men's rights activists" gives it a sharp edge - which has probably contributed to its low ratings among angry young men. Chris Pine is grimly fascinating as the villain, only to be outshone by Gemma Chan doing her best Lady M.

It is beautifully cut together, with dozens of little stylish asides. Even Harry Styles (WTF!) is incredible - it's only by the end that you realise what a blinder he's been playing.

If you like sci-fi melodrama, it's well worth seeing this picture.


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One thought on “Movie Review: Don't Worry Darling”

  1. Ben says:

    I actually only went to see this on a whim. Partner suggested we go as she loves HS.

    Nicely surprised toward the end. 20-something so, as you said, seemed very original to me!


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