Konami Code Domain Name

More on my experiments with silly Punycode domain names.


Yup, copy and paste that into your browser and it will resolve.
For now, it just redirects to a Wikipedia article. If you can think of a better use for it, please let me know. I wonder how mail clients do at sending emails to it?

Interestingly, Chrome sometimes throws up a warning that this is a "Fake Site" saying "Attackers sometimes mimic sites by making small, hard-to-see changes to the URL." I suspect that's because of the mixture of English characters and symbols.

I was inspired by the (slightly weird) http://↓.tk website.

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5 thoughts on “Konami Code Domain Name”

  1. Jeremy GH says:

    Clicking on link in post notification e-mail took me straight to Wikipedia...


What are your reckons?

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