Gadget Review: A USB-C powered Cattle Prod

Winter has come! And with it the risk of power-cuts. Thankfully, we already have a Uninteruptable Power Supply for vital things like WiFi and security. But what about lights?

Hurrah for candles! They're not just for birthday cakes, you know.

But how do you light candles? I vaguely remember something about rubbing two stones together? But who can be bothered with that! "What about matches?" I hear you cry. Look. This blog deals with high-tech stuff. I'm not reviewing a splinter of wood covered in noxious chemicals.

So I went to Jeff's Big Jumble Sale and bought the highest-tech match-replacement that I could.

Product shot of a small plastic wand with a bent head.

This is a USB-C powered candle lighter. It has a bendable head - for all those awkward corner candles you have in your mansion. It also has a safety switch. It came with its own (short) USB-C cable. The LEDs on the side show it was delivered fully charged.

Total cost? £7!

For comparison, a single box of long matches is about £4. So I only need to use this thing 174 times before it has paid for itself. NICE!

Action shots!

Before hitting the button.

A thumb sized black plastic fork with two metal prongs facing each other.

After hitting the button.

An eerie purple light flashes between the two prongs.

See what I mean about it being a cattle prod?!

Here's a quick video

How does it work?

From the back of the packaging:

This product uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Booster assembly can raise the low voltage of 3.7V to the half-sine high voltage of 7KV with a frequency of around 15KZ, which can generate high frequency and high voltage, shock the air to form are wear with high temperature, and light cigarettes, candles, dry leaves and other combustible materials quickly.

The battery is rechargeable, and one charge can discharge hundreds of times.

For security reasons, this product has especially multiple protections such as overcharge, over discharge and overload. If the heating time is too long, the product will automatically cut off the power supply inside and lock the circuit, so that it cannot to be used.

This product would be automatically off after continue ignite 7 seconds. This is for avoiding the long time using to effect the using time.

Is it worth it?

YES! Look, I don't know whether bringing yet another piece of battery filled plastic into this world is more environmentally friendly than burning wood.

But I do know that this makes an awesome sizzling noise and a purple light when you press the button. So it probably balances out.


4 thoughts on “Gadget Review: A USB-C powered Cattle Prod

  1. Simon says:

    That's a cool device! We were just saying we needed a candle lighter at home for birthday cakes. I think this is the one. Thanks for the helpful review.

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