2022 - a year in review

It's my birthday! Therefore it marks the end of another year of me hurtling around Earth's yellow sun. So, as is customary, here's my year in review.

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If all goes well, at this very moment I will be in San Francisco having just attended Twitter's Chirp conference. I've visited SF a few times and, I'll be honest, it isn't my top destination for spending a birthday. But Twitter paid for the flights, so it would be churlish to complain! I'm missing my wife and it feels odd not spending the day with here.

I was due to be in SF today. But Alan the Hyperprat cancelled the conference at the last minute - leaving me a couple of hundred quid out of pocket, and disappointing all the friends I'd arranged to see. Truly it is the worst thing that he has ever done to anyone ever. Anyway, follow me on Mastodon

The last year has been reasonable. Obviously COVID is still casting a long shadow. Gigs are still being cancelled, and some friends are still cautious about meeting up. But we've been able to go to a few concerts and plays. The Elizabeth Line opening up has been transformational. A 15 minute ride to work! 25 minutes from Central London! Brilliant!

A weird highlight of the year was getting my beard trimmed. I've always done it myself, but fancied getting a professional to shear me before a photoshoot (more on that next year). So I got a recommendation for a Turkish barber near the office. It was a decidedly odd sensation - but I look less feral now.

Anyway, here's how I scored against last year's hope's and dreams:

As I said in a previous post, I don't know what I'm doing with my so-called career. I plan to stay in the Civil Service for at least another 12 months in order to get my MSc. I've recently been regraded, which takes off some of the financial pressure. The work is still interesting and important.

Still don't know what I'm doing. My MSc is entering the end-game. A few more words to write, a viva, then done. Hopefully within the first month of January.

I'm hoping the world opens up a bit more so I can continue exploring it.

It did, and I have! Went to Rotterdam, Dan Haag, and Nicosia. It felt good to go exploring.

Come the 1st of January 2022, I'll have been blogging every day for 2 years. I'm not sure if I want to keep up that pace!

I did not! The pressure of work and the MSc were too much. I'm still blogging regularly (some might say incessantly) and I'm still enjoying it.

I need a proper holiday. Sitting around at home doing nothing isn't a great way to relax and recharge.

Nicosia was a great place to visit. Lots of delicious food, beautiful scenery, and many museums. Similarly the Netherlands was a fantastic minibreak. What they weren't was relaxing. Running around a city trying to see everything is fun. But I need to sit by a pool and not have to think about anything more complex than my tan lines.

But it felt like rather a muted year. Perhaps that's age or the state of the world talking.

There were some lovely highlights. As well as holidays, we went to Canada to see a friend get married. I love a good wedding!

I met an excellent cat!

Got an Oculus and took my first steps into the Metaverse. It's a bit rubbish.

Met Bruce Perens and got to show him around TNMOC.

Read some pretty good books.

Presented at a few conferences - including in person!

Work has been tough - taking on a new job, while studying, and many events occurring with those a few steps above my pay-grade.

And I am nearly done with my MSc. I'll be handing in the final project in a couple of weeks.

So, what for 2023?

  • Graduate from MSc (and regain my free time).
  • Go on a proper relaxing holiday where all I do is sip cocktails and read books (and maybe a little sightseeing).
  • Put more effort into things like OpenUK and BCS (I need to give back more to the community).
  • Consider joining a Worshipful Company (looks like it could be a fun way to get more involved with charities).
  • Blog more. I'm not introspective enough to keep a diary of how I feel - but I do enjoy looking back at what I thought. Probably not daily - but we'll see.
  • Read more. I have too short a commute to get into a good book. So I'm going to have to proactively set aside some time.
  • See more friends. I'm conscious that I've been keeping to myself rather a lot. If you fancy a beer and a natter, please get in touch πŸ™‚

Right, let's see what adventures the next year brings.

  1. I was sure that I'd written one in 2014, but not even the Internet Archive has a copy. Let's just assume I spent the year dead for tax purposes. 

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