I recently spent quite a bit of time considering alternatives to a gas boiler for our home. I was very open to the idea of installing an ASHP. Had one vendor proposing a hybrid solution
(ASHP and gas boiler) that seemed reasonably financially viable, but I really wanted to remove my dependency on gas over time so didn't take that option. Then our aging boiler broke and due to its age and make, replacement was basically the only option offered. I decided to go around the loop again, looking at pure ASHP solutions. My (probably a little rough) calculations suggested that a retrofit would end up costing us about 10x the cost of a new gas boiler and would probably end up increasing our energy costs (due to the disparity between the cost of gas and electricity per kWh). I wasn't overly put off by needing to get a loan to pay for the expensive installation, but the likelihood of then needing to pay more for fuel on top of servicing that loan kinda killed the project and we ended up getting a replacement gas boiler.

We have a reasonable PV array and have now fitted some better logging to enable me to build the case for battery storage with the other half. Initial calculations suggest its very viable in summer (we'd be drawing virtually nothing from the mains during the summer months), but probably wouldn't have much impact during winter (where the limited data I have suggests we generate a small fraction of the power we do during summer).

At some point I'd love to move to an induction hob too. I have had some experience with using one and I think the only thing its struggle with (after a short period of adaption) may be stir-frying in a wok, though I've heard that's possible with a good induction hob.