Inside a smart Infrared heater

I've been experimenting with Far Infrared heating. The panel itself is fairly boring technology. A large solid-state "thing" which turns electricity into Infrared energy.

But what's the "smarts" in it which allows it to be controlled? TO THE SCREWDRIVERS, ROBIN!

There's a single board hiding in the boring grey shell. It's a QNQ010W - which doesn't have any publicly available data.
Ciruit Board QNQ010W KB-5150.
KB-5150 appears to be a popular name of a variety of power supply boards.

Flip it over, and this is what we see:
A circuit board with springs.
The buttons are… springs?

There's an 8x8 LED matrix for the display board.

Speaking of which, what's the "brains" behind the WiFi? ZOOM! ENHANCE! ROTATE!

Close up of Tuya module

Ah, the ubiquitous TYWE1S from Tuya.

There you go, nice and simple.

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