What's the lowest positive integer for which there are no Google search results?

I found this rather humourous Tweet in which a computer issued a cheque for £2,324,252,080,110:

I wondered whether 2324252080110 was a common sort of mistake - like a 32 bit overflow - so I Googled the number:

Google search page showing no results.

Huh! It is rare that a search doesn't provide any results. A search for a similar number gives one result - albeit a spam page
On result on Google - for a page which just appears to be a list of numbers.

Type in any random number and there's usually something - even if it's just a glitch result.

Results for a random number.

Every integer under a billion seems to be there (I didn't check exhaustively) - but once you get into the trillions, they become a lot less likely to appear. See:

No results for 2230101000000.

Of course, by writing 2230101000000 on this page, it will eventually find its way into Google all-seeing index - the original number I searched for now leads to page full of results linking to news stories. It's a little like the interesting number paradox.

If you find a lower positive integer, with no results, please let me know!

4 thoughts on “What's the lowest positive integer for which there are no Google search results?

  1. says:

    Congrats! Googling today for "2230101000000" now returns one and only one result: Your blog post! The same day it was published! Impressive.

  2. Huh, interestingly I got a few results for 230101000000, the best of which is the "color bucket", two colours with the respective hexes of 230101 and 000000 :

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