Mindustry - Scrap To Everything Schematic

I love Mindustry. It's like an open source version of Factorio - defend a base and build huge sprawling factories.

One of the constraints is the limited number of resources on some levels. You need silicon to make alloy. But to get silicon, you need sand and coal. But what if you don't have sand and coal? Similarly, you need oil and titanium to make plastanium. But you might not always have titanium to mine.

But lots of levels have scrap metal. Scrap can be melted down to slag. Then that slag can be processed to base minerals. Those base minerals can be recombined to produces other materials. And those can be recombined further.

In fact, using only scrap - it is possible to make everything. So, I present to you, The Scrap To Everything Machine!

A tangled factory built out of pixelated components.

It uses a little bit of logic to stop it getting clogged up, and to bleed off any unproductive machines. There are several vaults to buffer resources if you can't deliver them to your base quickly enough. I've tried to make it as compact as possible.



It is a bit silly, obviously, but it works. Build one, feed it with as much scrap as you can, and it will generate all 15 resources. Fed with a moderate amount of scrap - here 6 water-cooled and overdriven airblast drills - and that's sufficient to kick in the Overdrive Dome and start producing massive quantities of stuff:

A factory being fed by drills.

When fed with a full complement of scrap, this is how many resource it can produce in 60 seconds:
Generation statistics displayed on screen.

  • Copper 382/min
  • Lead 34/min
  • Metaglass 33/min
  • Graphite 393/min
  • Sand 28/min
  • Coal 302/min
  • Titanium 231/min
  • Thoruim 65/min
  • Silicon 90/min
  • Plastanium 65/min
  • Phase Fabric 20/min
  • Surge Alloy 30/min
  • Spore 61/min
  • Blast 13/min
  • Pyrite 13/min

Ok, scrap can't produce coal directly. But you can use electricity to make water, which can then mine spores. Those spores can be pressed to oil, and the oil can be centrifuged to coal. Simple!

If you're on a level with scrap and don't feel like building loads of factories, this will keep chugging away producing everything.

Now, I wonder if I can make it self-powered…

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4 thoughts on “Mindustry - Scrap To Everything Schematic”

  1. Randy says:

    I love the concept of your schematic, but found that it doesn't work for me the way it works for you. I suspect that it's because of 3 small liquid tanks in your Schematic that I do not have available in my version. There may be more differences, but I will try to modify it to work. Unless you have already redesigned it, in which case i would love a copy of it. Thank you.

    1. @edent says:

      Hi Randy,
      I've tried this on the Android version of Mindustry and it works. Have you researched the entire skill tree yet?

  2. Randy says:

    It would also appear that you logic is incomplete. Can you please update the logic on this blog? Maybe even add the information in text, as I have seen this before. Thank you. I really want to get this going.

  3. Prince Mark says:

    I think using drones coudl help you meet less energy to run the factory. Using the flying Poly and the boosted Quasar for mining scrap and code it to drop it off to the specific containers.


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