Movie Review: Nina Forever

by @edent | | 250 words

I like my comedies dark but… Fucking hell! I don't think I've ever seen anything so bitter, twisted, and hilarious.

What if your dead girlfriend was haunting you and your one-night stand? It is an idea which has been done a few times. Think "So Haunt Me!" but with a lot more blood and sex. No, much more than you're thinking.

I spent the entire film like 😲. I'm not great with blood and pain - but there was only one moment of physical violence that I found uncomfortable. The rest was just sheer emotional discomfort. Punctured by excessively morbid giggles. The horror won't make you scream - but you will howl with laughter.

Easily the best movie I've seen all year. Perfectly shows the utter insanity of grief, and how weirdly it affects - and infects - us all. How do you help a partner cope with grief? Can you exorcise memories of a lost love - or will they always have a place in your heart?

If I'm getting all film-studies about it, Nina's ghost isn't real. She's the haunting memory. She is survivor's guilt. She is the fear that you might be forgetting someone important. You can't just change your sheets to wash away the pain. Lots of people want to be dark, mysterious, and moody - but they don't always realise the devastation that it causes other people.

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