Movie Review: Cruella

Movie poster for Cruella.Cruella is a soundtrack with a movie attached. Every time the film thinks you might be getting a little bored, or feels like you might be glancing at your phone, the DJ thumps on another banger to make you say "CHOOOOON"!

That works brilliantly in old movies where you're nostalgic for feeling like you did as a kid. But here it is a cheap way to inject a sort of faux-nostalgia. You liked The Zombies - so you'll like this movie. It works in something like Good Morning Vietnam, because the soundtrack is integral to the story. But Cruella just uses music as aural popcorn. Cheap filler to make you think you're enjoying something. Now go out and buy the compilation CD.

The set decoration is also laser focused on activating your nostalgia centre. Remember when buses looked like that?!?! Remember those silly fashions we all wore?!?! Remember how cool cars looked back in the day?!?! No, of course you don't. It is pure "member berries".

The plot, such as it is, is paper thin. It is the embodiment of Sayre's Law - a rivalry in the schmutter trade? Please!

But, for all that, it is annoyingly good fun. Emma Stone's accent is flawless. Emma Thompson squares up nicely as her rival. Jasper and Horace are cast to look exactly like their cartoon counterparts. And everything is gorgeous! Mark Stone is, sadly, criminally under-used. But it is good visual fun.

Obviously, there's no smoking or racism in Disney®'s vision of the past. The cackling menace is just for show. Emma Stone would make a far better Joker than Jered Leto - and it's a shame that the movie doesn't really explore her descent into madness and psychopathy.

It's a treat for the eyes and ears - as long as you're content to let it all bypass your brain.

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