Goodbye daily blogging

At the start of 2020, for some strange reason, I decided to publish a new blog post every single day of the year.

And, a third of the way through that, COVID struck. In a way, it was good for my motivation. I didn't have any fun and exciting trips to go on - so I had plenty of free time. But there's only so long you can stare at four walls while your friends are sick and dying, without going out of your mind.

So I started buying random tech to review. And then companies started sending me crap gadgets to review. I blogged about what I was reading, watching, and feeling. As a civil servant1, I'm not really able to blog about political events - but I was happy to get stuck in to current events in tech and culture.

People liked reading my posts, and I enjoyed writing them. So I decided to carry on into 2021 - and so I did. This is my 731st consecutive blog post!

But now, I think, it is time to stop. I'm going to continue blogging - but finding something new, interesting, or controversial every single day is just exhausting. Some of my most popular posts this year were ones I published several years ago. Yay the long tail...

I'm hoping that as the world opens up2 that I'll have a bit less time stood in front of my - increasingly inaccurately named - laptop. My MSc is ramping up with a big final project. And, something else exciting is happening in 2022. But more on that later…3

Since I started blogging, I've published around 2,300 posts. Some are thumping-long essays and others are mere notes to myself. I've had around 9,800 comments. Since I started tracking page views, I'm slightly staggered to see over 7 million visitors. I love seeing people read, share, and comment on my stuff. So thank you for bringing me so much joy during these bleak times.

I'm going to keep blogging. But only at my own pace.


  1. This is a personal blog. Doesn't represent the views of my employers etc. etc. 
  2. Jinx! 
  3. Or buy me a pint when we can next safely meet. 

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye daily blogging”

  1. Merton Hale says:

    I have enjoyed many of your blog posts. Some are WAY outside any of my interests, but others have brough me new knowledge and smiles. I have bough some products you have recommended and been pleased. The magnetic charging cables are great. I look forward to receiving the new "Clarke"book.
    I'm completely amazed when you say that "And then companies started sending me crap gadgets to review." As far as I know you did not go out of your way to publicise your blog posts. Correct? You just did it becuase you wanted to. How did these companies "find"you? How did they track you down to send you stuff? Amazing and in some ways scary. And to produce a blog post every day, that is an incredible accomplishment. Chapeau!
    And thank you for your wise counsel this past year.
    Enjoy a more relaxed pace for 2022.


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