Review: Neu Modo Standing Desk Mat

After a few weeks of using my new standing desk, it was clear that I needed something to protect my feet and joints from the hard (and cold) wooden floor.

I asked for recommendations for standing mats and got lots of good (and expensive!) suggestions. My colleague Jamie suggested the Ergodriven Topo. It looked pretty swish - but cost about £200 to import it to the UK.

Luckily, global IP laws being what they are, someone has made a better, cheaper version which is "heavily inspired" by the Topo. Welcome the Neu Modo Standing Desk Mat:
Thick foam mat.
Only £50 from Amazon!


  • Thick (25mm) foam.
  • Large ridges on the outside, with textured points to rub your feet on.
  • Foot pressure points - spaced for about shoulder-width apart, to keep you standing straight.
  • Non slip bottom.
  • Massage ball in the middle. It is literally a big roller ball!

You can see the full specs at the Neu Modo website.

A few downsides to note. It is quite tall, so you may need to raise your desk and/or camera. You won't be able to roll your chair over it. As with anything in made of "foam" there's a bit of a smell - but it dissipated quickly. It does take a bit of getting used to.

My feet, knees, and legs ache a lot less now I'm using this full time. It's fun to stand on, feels great, and was relatively cheap.


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