All the books I've read this year

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Last year, I set myself a challenge to only read books by women. I got through 42 books - not bad for a pandemic!

This year I was more relaxed - I just picked books which took my fancy. And a few that I needed to read for my MSc. Quite a few came from NetGalley which gives out Advance Reader Copies. So I got to read unpublished books for free in exchange for a review.

My year starts in mid-November (my blog, my rules) and, I'm somewhat surprised to say, I read 85 books!

85 Book Covers.

I try to spend what would have been my commuting time, nose-deep in my eReader. And I usually read when my wife is digitally executing people on the games console.

A few stats:

  • 42 Fiction / 43 non-Fiction
    • I try to alternate what I read - and am successful.
  • 51 Female / 34 Male
    • I wasn't consciously trying to pick one gender, but I'm pleased to say I'm addressing my lifetime imbalance.
    • Although some authors were Trans, none identified as non-binary. Author recommendations welcome!
    • Some books were compilations or had multiple authors. I've used their lead author.
  • Average rating: 3.89
    • Average Female rating: 4.19
    • Average Male rating: 3.44
  • Average Fiction rating: 3.98
    • Average Female Fiction rating: 4.16
    • Average Male Fiction rating: 3.61
  • Average Non-Fiction rating: 3.80
    • Average Female Non-Fiction rating: 4.22
    • Average Male Non-Fiction rating: 3.33

I am such a generous reviewer. Maybe I only read things which are above average? The books I marked down, I absolutely hated.

I didn't keep any stats on author's disabilities, race, religion, or age. Do feel free to go through my old posts and do those calculations for me.

What to read next?

I've promised myself that I won't buy any more books until I've read all the ones I've already downloaded. Let's see how long that lasts! But, if you want to buy me a book from my wishlist that'd be fine 😁

2 thoughts on “All the books I've read this year

  1. good selection. I have an overlap of 5 only. I read very little non-fiction.

  2. A great selection!! I've read six of the same books, as well as many others. Have you read "Gnomon" by Nick @Harkaway ? Reminiscent of a couple of @ClaireNorth42's great alt realism/ urban fantasy books.…

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