SlideShare is selling your old slides - here's how to stop it

Remember SlideShare? It's where we used to upload PowerPoints back in the day. It was easier than emailing them around. I think. No one really remembers. I think they got bought by LinkedIn? Anyway, they're now owned by Scribd.

If someone visits one of your old slideshows and wants to download it, Scribd will charge them US$10 per month for membership! What a rip off!
Screenshot saying "Want to download this document? Download with a free trial."

Of course, Scribd don't actually say how much you'll be charged after your "free trial". Because, I assume, they're a disreputable company who don't want to empower their customers into making an informed choice. But, with a bit of searching, you can find the current subscription rates.

Anyway, Scribd will pay you exactly $0.00 whenever one of their paying customers downloads your creative efforts. What a rip off!

But! If you log in (you do remember your password from a decade ago, right?) and go to settings, you'll find this handy option:

Screenshot of a settings screen. A checkbox label says "Allow users to download your slideshows without a subscription"

Check the box and hit save. Now people don't need to be paying members of SlideShare to download your thought-leader-high-impact-blue-chip-galaxy-brain slides.

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