Review: Putorsen Standing Desk Adapter

Sitting down all day, every day, is killing me. Well, my doctor thinks it probably isn't brilliant for me and recommended trying a standing desk (as well as boring things like exercising more, drinking less, and eating fewer pies).

I already have a fancy WFH desk which holds all my stuff. So I decided to get an adapter. I deliberately went with the largest I could find - while keeping the price below my employer's £150 budget.

So this is the snappily named DWS28-02N. It's a chunky-monkey of a desk converter. With a gas-powered cylinder to help raise it up, and a couple of shelves wide enough to take all my kit.


This is what it looks like when assembled:

Fully assembled desk.

And when fully loaded:

All the kit piled on.


Pretty easy. Put the four rubber feet on the bottom. Put the keyboard tray on the bracket and screw in four screws. Cut the cable tie. Done! Not exactly IKEA levels of pain there.

There's a slot at the front to hold a tablet, and a hole in the back if you want to add some fancy monitor arms.


It's great! I added my own laptop riser because I like to have my arms at a different angle from most people. It comfortably fits my vertical monitor and there's enough space on the other side for a microphone and phone stand.

There's a little bit of wobble when I type. But not noticeably worst than most other desks I've used. It's a heavy unit, and unlikely to slip and slide.

Standing up is taking a bit of getting used to. If you've done any job where you're on your feet all day you'll know that old familiar ache. But it is helping stretch out my spine and keeps me moving throughout the work day.


There isn't any cable management included. Well, OK, you get two small clips - wide enough to hold a couple of USB cables. This means the back of the unit can look like a bit of a rats' nest.
Tangle of cables.
I did what I could with it - but there are a lot of cables to route!

Although the keyboard tray is pretty deep, about 5cm is under the upper tray, which makes it difficult to reach some of the keyboard keys.

Keyboard covered by overhang.

Easily solved by shuffling the keyboard forwards a little.

It rises and falls pretty easily. Squeeze the handle on the right and pull / push. It's all one continuous motion - there are no "stops". So if you're constantly raising and lowering it, you'll have to remember how high you like it.


£140 on Amazon - which I thought was pretty reasonable. There are a bunch of desks around that price point (and many more expensive) but this was the largest one that I could find.


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