Review: A Cheap Microphone Arm

I am so easily influenced. After 18 months of watching streamers using nifty microphone arms, I cracked and purchased one. Oh, I could claim that I needed to free up space on my new desk. Or that I need the mic closer to my mouth to pick up the delicate sounds of my voice. Or perhaps that a spring-loaded arm would reduce vibration noise.

But I just wanted to look cool on video calls. So sue me!

In time-honoured fashion, I got the 2nd cheapest model with the highest number of (probably fake) reviews. So, for twenty-quid, I now have this:

A microphone arm connected to my desk.

Which lets spend my video calls with colleagues like this:
Me singing into a head level microphone.

And it's... fine!

It came with a couple of adapters for differently shaped microphones. There are some straps so you can route a USB cable sensibly. Pretty easy to install - just a couple of thumb turns to tighten things. My Yanmai USB Microphone fits fine and the arm easily takes the weight.

Being able to push my microphone away when I'm not using it is useful. And it's easy to pull it to my lips when needed. It doesn't have multiple axis of movement but, you know what, I'm not a professional DJ (and neither are you).

Works just fine, but is utterly superfluous for most needs.

Now all I need is someone to invite me onto their podcast!


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5 thoughts on “Review: A Cheap Microphone Arm”

  1. "And it's...fine!" - that's exactly the thing about most tech products these days. For most people, most products will be fine. Experts/purists will quibble but for those who don't know, they just don't need to spend £150 when they can get something for £30 which will be...fine.


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