Notes on using an Android phone as a Webcam on Linux

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(Written mostly for myself)

Install DroidCam

I use DroidCam - which converts your Android into a wired or wireless webcam.

Set the resolution

nano /etc/modprobe.d/droidcam.conf

Add the following text:

options v4l2loopback_dc width=1280 height=720

Most video call services are limited to 720p, and streaming 1080p and higher via USB isn't always possible.

Interact with the Android

My Android's screen faces away from me - so I can't easily touch or interact with it. Here are two useful utilities:

Check the battery level of the device

adb shell dumpsys battery | grep level

Manipulate the phone from your laptop

I use scrcpy - that mirrors my Android screen onto my desktop and I can interact with it using keyboard and mouse. Handy for restarting the DroidCam app, or fiddling with various settings.

What else?

If you're daft enough to go down this route - what tips do you have?

One thought on “Notes on using an Android phone as a Webcam on Linux

  1. Neon says:

    DroidCam is available for iPhone as well! I just use the front camera, so I can interact with the screen at the same time. Been working great for me.

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