Movie Review: Love, Weddings & Other Disasters

by @edent |

Movie poster.This is an offensively bad movie. It starts with a hilarious premise - what if your boyfriend broke up with you during a sky dive? The first few minutes are genuinely funny. And then it sort of descends into a TV movie about finding love.

Which would be fine, I guess, if it were a poundshop DVD - but this stars Jeremy Irons and Diane Keaton! Two titans of the movie industry appearing in something that looks like it was shot on a budget of about a fiver.

The script is conspicuous by its absence. The "comedy" is mostly derived from Diane Keaton being visually impaired and continually bumping into things. I wish I was making this up.

Melinda Hill's "accent" is quite something to behold; veering wildly all over the place. But it doesn't really matter as she has no funny lines to deliver.

It almost reaches levels of so-bad-it's-good - especially when Maggie Grace does a Kung-Fu move and literally shouts "HIII-YAAA" like Miss Piggy! But, no, it just wallows in its awfulness.

Perhaps the last 30 minutes redeems the movie with unparalleled aplomb. I wouldn't know, I switched off the TV and went to stick my head in a bucket.

The director, Dennis Dugan, seems to excel at making crappy Adam Sandler movies. Here's my review of one of his previous attempts:

Seriously - why are people still letting him behind the camera? Is there not an up-and-coming director who could use a break?

Avoid at all costs.

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