All this charging stuff is a mess. From what I can tell, QC 3.0 is supported by Samsung and most android devices. QC 3.0 also works with USB-A connectors and all the 'magnetic' cables are USB-A.

Apple supports PD 3.0, with higher wattages, up to 100 watts I believe. With PD 3.0 you can quick charge an iPhone, iPad or even a MacBook. But PD 3.0 is not available with USB-A connectors -- only USB-C works with PD 3.0. So none of the magnetic connectors work under PD 3.0.

The magnetic connectors may charge an iPhone but good luck trying to charge an iPad (or a MacBook.)

I'm waiting to see if USB-C magnetic cables are released or even possible -- although Apple has had high wattage magnetic cables with their older laptops!)