Movie Review: Boss Level

by @edent | | 300 words

This movie is dogshit. Obviously, some movie producer has a stack of compromising material. That's the only logical explanation as to why so many good actors would appear in this schlock.

What if Groundhog Day was an action movie? OK, that's Day After Tomorrow. So what if that was direct to video? It would be this mess.

Interestingly, disgraced racist Mel Gibson doesn't actually appear in many shots with the main cast. I can only assume lots of the cast refused to be on set with him. Seriously, try to find a shot with him where you can see his face and Naomi Watts's face. Lots of shots of the back of Naoimi's body-double and a few where they look like they've been composited together.

The basic plot is... recycled from several other movies. Repeat the day, save the girl, reconcile with your son. Even the movie poster is recycled from other, better movies.

Generic movie poster.

There are a few neat touches relating the video-game nature of the story back to real games, but it is pretty slim pickings. It is competently directed. In that it looks like every action movie. Guy driving a car? Show him shifting gear! Need to show a passage of time? Montage! Want to show Mel Gibson isn't a racist? Have him repeatedly talk about stopping Hitler! (WTAF?)

It lacks any originality, style, or substance.

My mate Juksie reviewed this and said he needed a few beers to enjoy it. I concur that a couple of festival strength ciders and a few shots almost take it to "so bad it's good" territory. But it's mostly just hilariously bad.

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