Best Bulk Data PAYG SIMs in the UK

I want to buy a big chunk of data and use it until it runs out. I'm not interested in a contract. I don't want a bundle of phone calls, SMS, or ringtones. Just give me DATA that lasts for as long as possible.

Here's the best data deals that I could find. Stick them in your 2nd SIM slot, use them as broadband backup, or shove in a dongle and attach to a Raspberry Pi.

EE£50120GB12 Months£0.42£4.17Amazon
O2£4012GB12 Months£3.33£3.33Amazon
Three£4524GB24 Months£1.88£1.88Amazon
Vodafone£3012GB12 Months£2.50£2.50Amazon
Vodafone£4524GB24 Months£1.88£1.88Amazon
1p Mobile£303GB12 Months£10.00£2.501pMobile
Anywhere£600.6GB12 Months£20.00£5.00Anywhere

If you want the cheapest data - it's got to be EE. Less than a quarter of the price-per-GB than Three.

For the cheapest per-month equivalent - there's nothing between Three or Vodafone. Just pick whoever gives you best coverage.

Worth also checking whether the network you choose supports 5G on their pre-paid SIMS. Same for roaming. Some do, some don't - it's not always clear from their websites.

I'm not sure if I can physically use 120GB in a year given that I'm mostly WFH. So I think I might give Vodafone a go.

If you've spotted any better deals - please let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Best Bulk Data PAYG SIMs in the UK

  1. says:

    Every iPad and MiFi I own has one of these SIMs in it because my usage is inconsistent and I can keep a few spares around. More flexible and cheaper than contract for me.

  2. @Edent hopefully they can be toppled up because a new Sim every 12 months seems a waste of plastic and electronics. Any suggestions for a modem for the raspberry pi? Everything seems to be WiFi not just direct connection.

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