Movie Review: Mr Roosevelt

by @edent |

Movie poster.
Here's a movie about objectively terrible people making bad choices!

I love a quirky little indie-comedy. The problem is, there aren't too many laughs to be had here.

Part of the issue is that I'm an old-fart. Celeste, the antagonist, seems like a lovely person! It's not her fault that Emily, the protagonist, abandoned her boyfriend and life. If Celeste picked up the pieces of a broken relationship and helped fix it - what's wrong with that? Celeste makes smart, competent choices - and is vilified for it.

There are lovely little touches - even as it descends into melodrama for the laughs - which feels like an early Woody Allen movie. But the unrelenting kookiness grates after a while.

Perhaps I just prefer likeable, sympathetic characters in order to find a movie enjoyable. That's a failing on my part.

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