Gadget Review: USB-C powered Semiconductor Neck Cooler

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Are you too hot? Can't run an air-conditioner? Stuck on a sweaty tube train? You need a USB-C powered personal cooling device!

There are loads of personal electric fans available - but I've gone for something slightly more high-tech. A neck-wearable Peltier cooler. It looks like this:

Neck cooler with curved metal plates.

And fits round your neck like this:

And it costs about £22 including shipping from China

Huge thanks to Naomi Wu for alerting me to these devices

Does it work?

Yes! Hold down the power button and it switches on to low mode. Press the button again and it goes into super cooling mode. Here's a quick video review:

I felt noticeably cooler while wearing it.


Only two minor irritants. There's no built in battery - so you'll need a portable battery or to be plugged in to some other USB source. The fans make a bit of noise - not a huge amount, but noticeable.

11 thoughts on “Gadget Review: USB-C powered Semiconductor Neck Cooler

  1. dwm says:

    Oh, interesting! Might have to play with one of these..

  2. Ok, couldn’t resist. Ordered one.

  3. Yeah it works surprisingly well right? Think about a zip-tying the cable to it so that if the battery falls it doesn't rip out and damage the jack.

  4. While I possess a deep fondness for the idea of strapping a radiator to my body, here's where I went with this: "when will humans ship with these factory-installed?"…

  5. So cool! (in more ways than one 😄)

    I used peltier devices in my final university project & they were magical! ❄️ But had to have ginormous fans so looks like the technology has advanced alot since then!

  6. Can you run it off of a cell phone with a USB C port?
    I wonder if it would be possible to integrate it into something like a Hövding airbag helmet.

  7. This seems totally hackable for other uses, and not a bad deal. Very cool

  8. Okay, so I just bought one of those. Salvador has basically two weathers, rainy hot and scorching hot, with RH never below 65%, so we’ll see in a month or so how well it performs here. Currently I have to put on a cloth over my head whenever using tools so I don’t drip sweat.

  9. george says:

    This would be super helpful for folks w/ MS. thanks for the pointer

  10. Gonna try out one o' these, I'll let you know! Evaporative cooling makes me a bit rheumaticcy and who likes being damp and cold all day?…

  11. dazinism says:

    dazinism mentioned this Article on

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