Gadget Review: USB-C powered Semiconductor Neck Cooler

Are you too hot? Can't run an air-conditioner? Stuck on a sweaty tube train? You need a USB-C powered personal cooling device!

There are loads of personal electric fans available - but I've gone for something slightly more high-tech. A neck-wearable Peltier cooler. It looks like this:

Neck cooler with curved metal plates.

And fits round your neck like this:

And it costs about £22 including shipping from China

Huge thanks to Naomi Wu for alerting me to these devices

Does it work?

Yes! Hold down the power button and it switches on to low mode. Press the button again and it goes into super cooling mode. Here's a quick video review:

I felt noticeably cooler while wearing it.


Only two minor irritants. There's no built in battery - so you'll need a portable battery or to be plugged in to some other USB source. The fans make a bit of noise - not a huge amount, but noticeable.


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16 thoughts on “Gadget Review: USB-C powered Semiconductor Neck Cooler”

  1. said on

    Okay, so I just bought one of those. Salvador has basically two weathers, rainy hot and scorching hot, with RH never below 65%, so we’ll see in a month or so how well it performs here. Currently I have to put on a cloth over my head whenever using tools so I don’t drip sweat.

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  2. said on

    @Edent Look kind of a bit naff/gadgety but interesting to hear these may actually work pretty goodI can find it hard to think straight in the heat & sometimes find myself struggling to stay on mission. Also tend to have lots of stuff to do outside. Wondering if they would reboot my heat frazzled brainGot friends that work in poly tunnels and glass houses (I do a bit sometimes also) these might really help them out. On hot days they get up super early and siesta, but it can still be tough.

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