Easy Emoji in Ubuntu / Pop OS

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All the Cool Kids™ use emoji. On Android, they're usually built right in to the keyboard. But that's not the case on desktops and laptops. Well, unless you build a dedicated emoji keyboard.

So I was delighted to find this brilliant little Gnome Extension called Emoji Selector.

It sits in your dash, until you click it or press 💠+e. Then you get this pop up.

Search bar and some common emoji.

The search bar focuses as soon as you open it, and the results are keyboard selectable.

Searching for cat emoji brings up lots of cats.

There's the usual groupings of emoji, if you just want to scroll.

Group of emoji.

Click the emoji you want and it copies to your clipboard, ready to be pasted in.

And... that's it! Simple and effective. You can check out the source code on GitHub.

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One thought on “Easy Emoji in Ubuntu / Pop OS”

  1. Oh this is great, just what I needed. I really don't understand how I managed to install it from within my browser but hey.


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