Mobile data is getting too cheap to meter - free bandwidth is here

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A few months ago, I wrote about how data is so cheap it is being given away. Mobile network Three were offering £10 data SIMs which came with 200MB of zero-cost data.

Recently, I've found another free provider of data, with an intriguing price-plan.

RWG Mobile are a Welsh MVNO who use EE as their backhaul. As well as the usual high-end plans, they also have this at the lower end.

List of price plans. Free for 250MB, £1 for 500MB, £6 for a GB.

Yup! A free SIM with 50 UK minutes / SMS included. Think about how much calling and texting you do each month. For me, the majority is over IP using Signal or Skype. I do less than an hour per month on hold to old-fashioned landline companies. My data usage is minimal at the moment - I'm on WiFi while I'm WFH, and most trains and shops have free WiFi too.

Could I survive on only 250MB? Probably! Their £1 per month (!!) price plan takes that up to half a gig. For comparison, my GiffGaff SIM costs £6 for the same amount of data (albeit unlimited calls).

I ordered a free SIM - it came with a letter in Welsh and English - popped the SIM into my 2nd slot and... it works! I could make calls to free phone numbers straight away, but had to email them to activate it for data.

I have crap EE coverage where I am, but it has proved useful when out and about. As a backup SIM, it's perfect. Even at £1 per month, it's probably worth having just in case you find yourself somewhere where only EE has coverage.

Please don't abuse this service - they're a small company trying something innovative.

But this really does open up mobile to so many more people. You can now get a cheap, no-name Android device for under £50 and a year of basic service for £12. Living in the future is amazing.

2 thoughts on “Mobile data is getting too cheap to meter - free bandwidth is here

  1. Dragon Cotterill says:

    Thats all very well... until your phone starts eating up the data all by itself. Both Android and Apple love to eat up your bandwidth with lots of sneaky data downloads.

    1. @edent says:

      Android has a great "Data Saver" app which turns off all background data. I use it, and it's a great way to stop you going over your limit.

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