My gut reaction is that this is the real world. I’d compare it to a multi-tool. It can do a lot of jobs but not quite the specialist tool required for specific jobs. I can see why they have done this even though the end result is very eye-friendly. At the bare minimum, they should have added some colour and some idea of zoning via colour coding and even a directory listing alphabetically, all of which is easy to do on Excel by most users.
In the real world, it is used as a simple database where not much sophistication is needed. I work as a teacher in school. Having been on supply, I have worked in a variety of schools. No regular teacher ever uses a database in general. Group lists, setlists, pupil info (for teachers) and everything else in between is done in a spreadsheet. The closest thing to a database is SIMS (a propriety information package) for tracking attendance, extensive pupil information and reporting but even their exported data ends up as a spreadsheet. Its just the way people make do with the skills they have.