WordPress Stories - a quick review

The WordPress app for Android prompted me to add a story!

This is a new and experimental feature. Sadly, it isn't very good. Here's how it works.A pop up in the Android app.

There's a brief description and some aspirational screenshots.In product screenshot. You've got early access to Story Posts and we'd love for you to give it a try. Now stories are for everyoneCombine photos, videos, and text to create engaging and tappable story posts that your visitors will love.Story posts don't disappearThey're published as a new blog post on your site, so your audience never misses out on a thing.

There's a basic image picker. Then you get some basic tools to add text on top of your image.Basic editing screen.

I know I'm a cynic, but this is a little underwhelming. It just posts an image to the blog. You can make it go full screen.

This is it:

There's a timer at the bottom, because you can add multiple images and it'll flip between them. You can make it go full screen. That's it.

But it gets worse.

WordPress emails my subscribers whenever I publish something new. It's like a Substack newsletter only cooler.

This is what my subscribers see.A WordPress email with the corner of the photo visible.

That's just rubbish.

Oh, and the icing on the cake? The WordPress Stories images don't have any alt text - so they're exclusionary.

So, in conclusion, WordPress Stories aren't for me.

Good to see them innovating. But I'm not sure if a low-feature image editor is going to drive people back to blogs.

You can read more about Jetpack's WordPress Story Block on their support site.

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3 thoughts on “WordPress Stories - a quick review”

    1. says:

      Sounds more like to create engagement and, therefore, addiction. I thought in some ways that blogs were supposed to the be antidote to this trend so it’s a shame that the WordPress devs felt the need to include it.


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