Review: BitCoin Hurricane (SimCavalier Book One) by Kate Baucherel

Everything that BitCoin and BlockChain touches is poisoned. Except for this fun wee book. It's a near-future sci-fi cyber-heist with a great cast of characters and some delicious predictions about how the Internet of Things could go disastrously wrong.

Thankfully, there's very little technobabble. I nodded along with most of the technology - only pausing occasionally to consider how I would have done that particular hack.

Could a shadowy criminal gang really make money by cyber criming a botnet to disrupt the crypto markets? Who knows! But half the fun is the speculation. Nothing in this book seems out of the ordinary to those with a background in technology. It doesn't rely on some futuristic leap in computing power - it is firmly bounded by Moore's Law.

Good sci-fi shenanigans and, thankfully, no Bollockschain evangelism!

Like lots of Amazon trilogies - the first one is 99p.

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