Movie Review: Escape Room

by @edent | #

A young woman's face is partly replaced by jigsaw pieces.

An utterly superfluous movie. Have you seen Cube? Or perhaps Saw? Maybe My Little Eye? All identical. But this has put last year’s zeitgeist as its title as a selling point.

The major problem with this outing of the plot is that it invites us to participate in a puzzle but provides none of the clues. A good story lets the audience guess the answer just a second before the cast. Or, at least, make the answer obvious in retrospect.

But, in Escape Room, we just get people shouting at each other and repeated jump-scares. There are no puzzles for us to solve, just paper-thin characters stuck in a ridiculous plot. Which renders the whole thing slightly pointless. It’s just tortureporn with a daft veneer of intelligence.

The special effects are great, and the cast all perform gamely. But it is a lazy movie with few redeeming features.

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