Book Review: The Problem with Men: When is it International Men’s Day? by Richard Herring

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For the past decade, Richard Herring has been answering sexist trolls on International Women’s Day when they ask ‘when is International Men’s Day?’ in the mistaken belief there isn’t one.
If only the trolls had learned to use Google they would realise that there is an International Men’s Day – it’s on November 19th.
In The Problem with Men Richard expands on his Twitter discussions and tackles some of the big questions surrounding the problems of toxic masculinity – for women, but also for men.

A cheap cash-in on the global phenomenon that is International Men's Day. I suspect it is designed as a (male) stocking filler - a handy present your maiden aunt can get you while you celebrate being an international man.

It is a delightfully funny read. Gently describing the author's (self-inflicted) descent into madness as he battles the trolls who feign ignorance around the need for International Women's Day.

What does it mean to be a man in the modern age? The book doesn't really answer that - but it does raise some interesting questions about why (some) men prefer to tear down others rather than build for themselves. There's nothing stopping us from celebrating International Men's Days. So why do men refuse to face up to the real issues which affect them?

I don't know the answers to that. It isn't just the institutions which surround us - there's something ingrained in the male psyche which finds solace in opposition. Changing that will take more than a comedy book. But it is a start.

It's a short book - and only 99p on Kindle - well worth reading.

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