Weeknotes: I've hit the wall

I spent the first few months of lockdown in a blur. Working with NHSX, on the national app launch, meant that I didn't have a minute to think about what was going on outside my immediate focus. Then, a few months ago, I switched to a new job in the Data Standards Authority - so I've had all the excitement of getting up to speed on new projects.

And this week. Just... *bleugh*. I've hit the wall.

I seem to have spent the week drifting off in meetings, nodding, and wondering if I'm adding any value.

I've been sending emails to people who obviously don't want to read them, but are far too polite to tell me to stop bothering them.

I was snippy with several people who didn't deserve it (and one person who definitely did!)

I'm writing a very important document which is meant to be a couple of thousand words. It's currently blank.

I should be attending a bunch of social events, but I'd rather just stare at my phone and eat copious amounts of vegan chocolate.


Basically, who the fuck stole my motivation?

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7 thoughts on “Weeknotes: I've hit the wall”

  1. says:

    Strong feels there. I’m just desperately trying to cling on until Christmas holidays, at which point I may just spend two weeks sleeping.

  2. says:

    I've found in 2020 everytime I get past one wall there is a taller one waiting...so now I'm just leaning against the latest one for the foreseeable..

  3. I'm also definitely finding things a lot harder and my concentration at work hasn't been as good, which is especially bad as I'm involved in planning important stuff for next year 😳I wonder if it's that time of year that we'd usually be seeing folks and doing nice things, but now we can't have that it feels more lockdown-y?

  4. Definitely not alone on this one - head was like pinball last week trying to find motivation, but without the cool noises and flashy lights.

  5. What Annie said.

    I’ve been telling friends and colleagues a variation on the same thing (which I shamelessly stole from @Seldo) : https://twitter.com/owenblacker/status/1288783077884534784
    A reminder: we’re not “working from home”, we’re “trying to get some work done while living through a pandemic, climate change and late-stage capitalism”.*

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing your best and that’s all anyone can ask.


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