I think approval voting is nice: check boxes for the candidates you like, don’t check boxes for the candidates you don’t like. Degenerates into FPTP if everybody ticks exactly one box. This, called “bullet voting”, is a form of tactical voting, and is a good idea if you have strong preferences about which candidate should win (as opposed to not really caring which of A, B, C win as long as it’s one of them). If not, it gives parties who aren’t the two most popular a chance by letting people vote for more than one party (at the same rank).

Range voting extends that by letting you give a numeric score, but figuring out how much more (or less) you like the Greens than Labour can be hard, so it’s easier just to give e.g. 10 to candidates you like and 0 to those you don’t, and then it’s approval voting again.

One other nice thing about FPTP is that it satisfies the participation criteria: it’s always better to vote honestly than to not vote at all. Many Condorcet systems (and other popular replacements, like instant runoff) fail this.