How many connected devices do you have at home?

Five years ago, I wrote that I had 30 connected devices at home. How has that changed over the last half-decade?

Some of my devices have consolidated. My Eufy security cameras have a hub - so despite having more cameras, They're using fewer IP addresses. Similarly, I've replaced most of my LIFX bulbs with Zigbee which also use a hub-and-spoke model.

So these are the devices I currently have connected:

  1. Video Doorbell
  2. Solar Battery
  3. LIFX bulb in external light
  4. Security camera
  5. EInk display
  6. Alexa
  7. Robot vacuum cleaner / mop
  8. TV
  9. Android TV box
  10. Amazon Fire TV stick
  11. Chromecast
  12. Internet Connected Record Player (yes! Really!)
  13. PS4
  14. Nintendo Switch
  15. AV Amplifier
  16. Another Alexa
  17. Home server
  18. Eufy Cameras Hub
  19. Philips Hue Light Hub
  20. Internal LIFX bulb
  21. Smart heating control
  22. Office TV
  23. Wife's work laptop
  24. Wife's personal laptop
  25. Wife's phone
  26. My work laptop
  27. My personal laptop
  28. My phone
  29. My tablet
  30. Power strip
  31. Lifx lamp
  32. Internet connected plasma ball
  33. Gym TV
  34. Another robot vacuum cleaner
  35. Internet connected electric blanket (my side)
  36. Internet connected electric blanket (her side)
  37. Solar panel inverter

We have a lot of smarthome kit! I've probably forgotten some. And I haven't counted my various Raspberries Pi and obsolete computers. But we're only a family of two. Larger families are likely to have more phones, tablets, and many other devices.

Is the future the "hub" model? Most of these devices don't need a power-hungry WiFi connection. Keep the airwaves clear for high-bandwidth devices and move everything to ZigBee or similar?

Either way, the number of devices in a typical home is only going to increase. What do we need to do to prepare for that?

4 thoughts on “How many connected devices do you have at home?

  1. Alex Gibson says:

    47 - but this is cheating, as it includes 30+ Raspberry Pi's used for my business to monitor and control 3D printers, and climate control in my workshop. Apart from them, 4 PCs, a couple of laptops, phones, tablet, Sky box, one smart TV.

    How do you manage the potential for one of the many devices on the network to be insecure or even malicious? I'd be interested to read just about that! I've actually got a lot fewer installed IoT devices than I'd like because I've not yet set up the parallel untrusted network I planned, which awaits three Amazon Echo Dots and several Sonoff switch relays, because I don't want them sharing a network with my customers' I.P.

    1. Paul Webster says:

      Right now ... 54 plus 3 Zigbee but I know some (eg TV, BluRay) not included as switched completely off.

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