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It has been over five years since I added WiFi to a Roomba. Technology has come a long way since then. I’ve just bought a WiFi enabled mopping robot for under £150.

This is the snappily named Muzili G9070. It is a rebranded Tuya model – more on that later – which is available under a range of names.

A round robot.

It is… good! Not just for a cheap Chinese robot, but it is genuinely good. Fill it with water, hit the button – on the unit, app, or remote control – and off it goes. If you have carpets, you can swap to a bin which doesn’t have a mopping function. It maps out the room and logically sweeps it. Then returns to the charger when done.

It’s also pretty quiet. This is it mopping our floor:

The app is basic, but works. It even draws out a map of where the robot has been. This is the map of our kitchen:

A map of our room.

You can even see the blank spots where the table legs are!

Alexa integration is as crappy as all Alexa integrations. You have to add a skill, detect a new device, realise it doesn’t work, start again, and then – eventually – you can say “Alexa! Start cleaning!” and it starts. You can make it stop, but you can’t make it dock. Silly Alexa.

It looks like it might be hackable, which will be fun.

The package comes with spare bushes and cleaning accessories – and there are plenty of spares online.

For a hundred-and-fifty quid, this is great. It sweeps quietly, rubs water all over your floor, and responds to voice requests. Brilliant!

4 thoughts on “Review: G9070 Robot Vacuum

  1. I suspect my cats would either

    be so scared they’d pee everywhere

    attack it until it was in pieces

    sleep on it and be carted around the house

    Not sure if any are good outcomes 🙂

    1. Cats riding a vacuum would earn you a fortune if you put a video on YouTube.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi, looking at getting one of these (or the same Hosome branded one) on a deal, but spare brushes (main roller especially) and mop cloths seem hard to find. You mentioned there are plenty of spares online – would be interested to know if that is still the case? Do you find they need replacing often and did you find a particular place you can easily get something that’s compatible? Thank you!

    1. @edent says:

      Hi, I’ve only had it for a few weeks. It came with a couple of spare brushes and a spare mop. I found more on Amazon and Ali Express. But, to be honest, my last robot cleaner only needed the brushes replaced after a couple of years, so I don’t think it’s a big problem.

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