Introducing - On This Day in Twistory

One of the things I loved about Facebook was its "On This Day" feature. There's something delightful about seeing what nonsense you were talking about on this day a decade ago.

Twitter doesn't have anything like that. So I built it.

Introducing -

Stick your @ name in, hit the big button, and you'll get a list of everything you said on this day in previous years.

A list of columns with Tweets in them.

The code is open on GitLab.

It's not the prettiest site, and it abuses iFrames to a hideous degree. Twitter doesn't have an easy way to search for your previous Tweets, so it basically just spawns a load of searches on the mobile site.

It almost certainly won't work on an iPhone. But it works just fine on Android.

It doesn't require you to log in. I don't collect your Twitter name, password, or personal details. No tracking. No BS.

I've been using this for a few months, and I find it a fun way to see how little I've changed over the years. I post far too often, so there's nearly always something for every year.

It is a best-effort service and I've no idea how many API calls it will use up if it gets popular. I'm stuck using the old Twitter API until my favourite library updates. So enjoy it while it lasts!


A few notes:

  • 🖥 This is a horrible hack which abuses iframes and frame busting
  • 🍏 It almost certainly won't work on your iPhone. But works on desktop & Android
  • 💷 No money back, no guarantee
  • ⌚ You may experience deep embarrassment at what your opinions were in 2011
  • 🐛 You may experience weird redirect issues. Hit back or try again
  • ↗️ Open links in a new tab if you want them to work
  • 💀 Some of your Twitter friends have died. This may induce unexpected feelings of mortality
  • 🧵Older threads basically don't exist
  • 💔 Lots of links are broken. Websites have gone and services have stopped.
  • 💞 Some of your friends have changed usernames or real names. This makes things confusing, but you'll cope
  • 👻 It is sometimes fun to resurrect old threads. But please don't bring up old arguments

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3 thoughts on “Introducing - On This Day in Twistory”

  1. "Some of your Twitter friends have died"

    Ouch. Not so much for my own mortality (memento mori, and all that), but I miss them 😭


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