A Year In Review

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It's my birthday! As is customary, here's my year in review. See 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010.


The year started with me getting a colonoscopy - and went downhill from there.

The camera-up-the bum wasn't too bad. No cancer, but a couple of polyps removed. In December I decided to take the painful step of cutting out dairy from my diet. And - bugger - that seemed to make me feel better! I Am The Cheese Lord and now I am cheese-free 🙁 I've engaged in an exciting attempt to eat every variety of vegan cheese there is. Some of them are pretty nice!

So, I'm not technically Vegan, cos I still eat eggs & honey - but close enough! I am so pleased that veganism is fashionable. Every supermarket stocks loads of delicious milk-free food. And there's always Lactase tablets if I can't be bothered.

I dyed my hair purple and didn't enjoy it

We took a week off to go to Gran Canaria and sit by a pool doing nothing. Lots of reading, eating, and cocktails. Very relaxing and, as it turned out, our last foreign trip! Perhaps I'd've appreciated the airport lounge a little more if I'd known?

Lockdown brought some advantages. We found a local brewery which did free deliveries. And a bunch of vegan stores which sent out tasty nibbles with speedy delivery. We are so fortunate to both have space to work, fast Internet, stable employers with generous WFH budgets - and the ability to cook tasty meals!

The first half of lockdown was spent working on the NHSX app. Lots of late nights and weekend work. Hugely rewarding professionally, but emotionally tough. And then BANG! my secondment ended and I was back in GDS. I suffered a sort of employment whiplash. I've settled back in, but it has been weird.

All the gigs we had planned - PostModern Jukebox and Alanis Morissette - were postponed indefinitely. Our pilgrimage to EMF was also cancelled. But, thankfully, we haven't lost much money.

Lockdown gave us time to redecorate. In doing so, we discovered that we needed a bunch of electrical work done. Hard to arrange in a pandemic. And our roof needed repairing.

Oh, and we discovered mice in the loft. Our traps caught five of them before we decided to call in the professionals to wage chemical warfare against them.

2021 can't be any worse, can it!?!?!?!?!?

2 thoughts on “A Year In Review

  1. Zoë says:

    Happy birthday

  2. Irene Bick says:

    Happy birthday. Your year sounds par for the course really. Here's to 2021.

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