Review: Lexar corner desk

I've spent six-months working from an old kitchen table, and there is never quite enough room for all my monitors and associated kit. With the news that we're all going to be working from home for a while longer, my employer very generously agreed to pay up to £150 for a WFH desk. So I spent £147.

It's a gorgeous and spacious model. Lots of rooms for monitors and gadgets - and a chunk of storage space in the side. And, as it was flatpack, lots of fun to assemble.

There were a couple of problems though.

The bag full of a dozen similarly sized screws was unlabelled. So I spent an age sorting everything out, so I didn't accidentally use the wrong thing in the wrong hole.

I'd got part way through making it when I found that one of the panels was incorrect!

Amazon's customer services were apologetic, but couldn't ship me only the part I needed. Instead they wanted the half-built desk packed up so they could collect and then ship me a new one. That felt like a lot of time and effort for a single panel!

I contacted FMD Möbel but they were only able to redirect me back to the vendor. They don't send out replacement parts, even though it was due to their packaging mistake.

I rang round a few other stockists, until I found Freedom Home Stores. They had an old desk which had been returned and were willing to sell me the replacement part at cost. I wish I'd bought from them in the first place!



For flatpack, the instructions were reasonable. I only had to unscrew things a couple of times.

Weirdly, there were a few bits which required drilling into the wood - despite there being pre-drilled holes for the majority. That always makes me nervous.

It was quite hard telling which screw was which, some were differentiated by their length, others by whether they had a round- or flat-head.

All in, it was a couple of hours work - once the right piece was delivered.


Anyway, when all finally built, it looked lovely and held all my stuff.

The instructions were pretty simple to follow, but the way it is all packaged was very annoying. I bought mine from Amazon but the same model is on eBay and a host of independent stores.


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