Movie Review: The Shining

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Movie poster for the Shining.

I’ve never seen “The Shining”. Or, at least, that’s what I thought. It turns out that every single shot in that movie has been recycled, homage’d, and parodied in the last 40 years. It gives the whole movie a weird sense of déjà vu as your brain struggles to identify which scenes you think you’ve seen before.

It is a beautiful and kinaesthetic film. The camera chases the action in such a way as to leave you exhausted. The fact that the characters never blink adds to the sense of intensity. The musical score piles on the pressure. It is a nerve-wracking watch.

But, for all that, it’s not a particularly scary movie. It isn’t too gory, the ghostly elements are subtle, and there are no jump-scares. As with most Kubrick films, it leaves you wanting to know the answers while only providing tantalising clues – so the mystery never quite resolves itself. That makes it perfect fodder as a social-object – around which a thousand fan-theories can emerge – but leaves the casual viewer unsatisfied.

Oh, and Jack Nicholson’s eyebrows deserved an Oscar nomination in their own right.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Shining

  1. boo says:

    How much did you want the carpets?

  2. An amazing one take to promote The Shining and Kubrick Channel 4 season a few years ago. T’s ma holds the script.

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