Movie Review: That Gal… Who was in that thing…

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Movie Poster.

Actresses talk about their personal lives and dealing with a balance between family responsibilities and being a professional actor.

This is a sequel to the critically acclaimed “That Guy… Who Was In That Thing“. A movie which looks at the varying careers of working actors who never quite hit the big time. Despite the weirdly unfeminist title (“That Guy 2”), it’s a beautiful look at the horrors of acting from a female perspective.

It is a simple format – talking heads and archive footage, but it is remarkably effective. It’s better than the prequel by virtue of focussing on fewer people, giving more space for their stories.

Sadly, it is rather cheaply made. The movie clips look like they’ve been sourced from YouTube, and the editing is uneven. It perhaps could have benefited from a few more talking heads – perhaps some non-Americans.

A great look behind the scenes and a reminder of just how brutal the industry can be.

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