Game Review: WitchWay (and getting it running on Linux)

I'm playing through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can follow along with all my game reviews.

This starts as a fun little logic puzzle, but quickly descends into frustration.

Like Portal, you have limited array of actions and have to manipulate your environment in order to get move on to the next level.

A witch pushing some blocks.

But it has a bit of a problem. It is so easy to get lost. There are a bunch of rooms which all look similar, and I found myself quickly running out of puzzles and mostly trying to find my way around.

A witch lost in a maze.

The logic puzzles are neatly done and it's pretty clever mechanic. But I got bored trying to find the next room to go to. It is designed to be short game, but I found it a little too tedious to finish.


It runs under Linux using WINE, but you will need to run winetricks d3dcompiler_47 first. That gets Direct 3D installed. Even so, after a while, it seemed to crash out.

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