I met once (very briefly) a fellow who preferred the pronoun “it”. I couldn’t do it. I felt like I imagine the Asian students who go to the US and are told they’re allowed to call their professors by their first names feel — even having been given permission, it still feels so rude that I can’t stomach doing it.

Similarly, I’ve third-person personed a few folk (just referred to them by their name, instead of pronouns) where I thought I’d likely slip up and mispronoun unless I defaulted to a safer option (no pronouns). In one case I think the pronoun was “zhe” but I couldn’t remember perfectly and didn’t want to offend by picking the wrong one. You can see this in the Wikipedia article for “Caitlyn Jenner”, where it’s “Jenner” all over the place, avoiding “he” or “she” when talking about the past.