Review: YumAsia Mini Panda Rice Cooker

I read this wonderful article about the invention of the rice cooker and, because I am easily influenced, bought one.

Rice cooker which looks a bit like a panda.

This is the YumAsia Panda Mini. It seemed to hit the sweet spot for physical size and price. For £80 you get a rice cooker, steamer, and utensils. Makes enough rice for 2 people. Although, when full, we felt like it was more like for 4. Depends on how hungry you are.

It's pretty easy. Measure out rice. Measure out water. Hit button. Wait for the machine to go beep. Eat rice.

Rice cooker full of rice.

One of the best things about it, is that it keeps rice warm without it drying out. So if your curry is taking longer than expected, the rice is ready the moment you are ready to eat.

The manual is well translated, and the interface is pretty simple to use. It has different settings for different sorts of rice. It also came with a recipe for a vegan chocolate brownie which could be made in the cooker. It was superb.

It's also possible to make porridge and other things in there.

Some sellers also have it in pink!

The only downsides is that the internal bowl isn't suitable for a dishwasher. It's pretty easy to wipe down by hand though. Similarly, the condensation trap is at the back and a little fiddly to remove.

Overall, it's a lovely little gadget. Perhaps a tad extravagant. And I don't really understand what its "fuzzy logic" is meant to do. But it gives out perfect rice each time.


"whY not jUST bOil rICe oN THe stoVe?"

Because when we're cooking half a dozen different dishes, it's a pain to keep an eye on the rice to make sure the water isn't boiling over, or that it hasn't gone dry.

"dOeS it CONneCT to the INteRnet?"

No. That would be silly. I love connecting things to the Internet. And I can see the value of leaving my office in the city and telling my house to have rice waiting for me when I get home. But I'm WFH for the foreseeable future, so it isn't that important to me. The cooker has a preset timer on it, if I know when I'm going to be hungry.


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One thought on “Review: YumAsia Mini Panda Rice Cooker”

  1. I remember doing a module on Fuzzy Logic at Uni, being told rice cookers use it, and still being none the wiser about how and what difference it actually made


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