Discolouration of Boyue eInk screens

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A little under a year ago, I got a Boyue Likebook Ares eReader. I use it most days.
Recently, I noticed a yellowing discolouration around the edge of the screen.

Discoloured screen, bottom edge.

Discoloured corner.

I’ve boosted the contrast of those images. It’s the sort of thing the human eye can detect under decent light, but cameras struggle with. At night, it isn’t noticeable. But in daylight, the yellowing discolouration is pretty obvious.

To be clear, those photos are taken with the LEDs off. This is not caused by uneven light distribution.

If I’m charitable, it’s a bit like the way paper books weather with age.

A few other people on MobileRead forum have noticed similar problems with their Boyue devices.

Because I’m lazy, I leave the reading light on all the time. Perhaps the heat from the LEDs has cooked the eInk. Or perhaps the glass is getting damaged. There’s no screen protector on there which has decayed.

I bought the device from a Hong Kong seller on eBay with a UK warehouse. I’ve enquired about a warranty replacement as it is less than a year old, but I’m not hopeful.

The device is still readable. And you expect electronics to wear with age. But the yellowing is annoying. It is less apparent if I turn the edge lighting on, and set the colour temperature to warm.

Perhaps we’ll see liquid cooled eReaders soon?

If you’ve experienced this – or know how to reverse it – please let me know.

One thought on “Discolouration of Boyue eInk screens

  1. Dave Cridland says:

    My Mars is the same, and has been for a while – but honestly I barely notice it normally. I don’t have the LEDs on all the time, so it’s possible it’s taken longer to degrade.

    On mine, the discolouration on the sides is comfortably within the page margin, so it’s not a concern for me – I don’t notice it when I’m reading, even if I know it’s there and see it quite clearly on a blank screen.

    I bought the Boyue device in no small part because it’s one of the cheaper Android-based E Ink devices, so good for taking the plunge with, and I expected to be considering a new/better/bigger device if the Boyue was a success in a similar timescale to a mobile phone. So after two years, I’m eyeing up the next generation already, with newer Android support and the Kaleido colour screens.

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