Book Review: The Long Tomorrow

by @edent | # # #

A covered wagon trudges through a nuclear wasteland.

Two generations after the nuclear holocaust, rumours persisted about a secret desert hideaway where scientists worked with dangerous machines and where men plotted to revive the cities.
Almost a continent away, Len Coulter heard whisperings that fired his imagination. Then one day he found a strange wooden box …
The fifth novel from the Queen of Space Opera – it was nominated to the Hugo Award.

I picked this up because it is mentioned in The Relentless Moon. And it is a cracking bit of 1950s post-apocalyptic sci-fi.

It expertly deals with the desire for forbidden knowledge – and dealing with the deadly consequences of getting exactly what you want.

Read through a modern eye, it’s disappointing how thin the female characters feel. But it is a brutal, and beautiful novel.

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