Crappy COVID Gadgets – Phone Sanitiser

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I was sent this gadget in return for a fair review. It’s awful, so I returned it. To avoid you making the same mistake, here’s my review.

This is a “Multifunction UltraViolet Sterilizer With Aromatherapy” by Nuxgal. It’s a reasonably clever idea for a device. A USB powered UV lamp with a timer. Shove your phone or face mask in there, hit a button, and take it out when the time is up. Great in theory, but really badly executed.

A white box with glowing blue lights.

This is so annoying to use. When you plug it in, it makes a doorbell noise. It then speaks to you. When you press a button, the same thing happens. Take a listen:

Mine was broken on arrival. One of the UV lamps didn’t light up, which was my main reason for sending it back.

Lamps are only illuminated on one side.

The way it is designed is bizarre. The lamps are placed on the sides and illuminate downwards. So nothing on the bottom gets sterilised. I suppose you could flip your device after it has finished cooking. A better design would have a lamp underneath, perhaps behind a grille to get 360° coverage.

A phone in a plastic box.

It has a small spot for aromatherapy oils (why?!?!). The pad didn’t seem to get warm when I used it.

It costs £32ish from Amazon. But I don’t recommend it.


  • It produces a nice ozone smell
  • There’s a USB passthrough so you can charge a phone
  • Lightweight


  • Broken on arrival
  • Poor design
  • Annoying sounds
  • Micro-USB rather than USB-C

The Nuxgal UV Cell Phone Sanitizer is rubbish.

4 thoughts on “Crappy COVID Gadgets – Phone Sanitiser

  1. it should be built as a PC drive bay enclosure…eject-pop your phone in-close-sanitise…

  2. Aaaannnnd this is why I like being able to just wash my phone with soap and water.

  3. john says:

    Theres also the issue that a lot of chinese goods are being sold as containing sanitizing UVC lamps when in fact the have only coloured LEDs check out Big Clive on youtube where he explains the deception.

    1. @edent says:

      These definitely had UV lamps. They were long tubes, rather than LEDs. They got extremely hot and gave off a distinctive ozone smell. But, yes, too many of these gadgets have purplish LEDs which are ineffective.

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