Book Review: A Symphony of Echoes

by @edent | # # #

Book cover.

Wherever the historians go, chaos is sure to follow…

Dispatched to Victorian London to seek out Jack the Ripper, things go badly wrong when he finds the St Mary’s historians first. Stalked through the fog-shrouded streets of Whitechapel, Max is soon running for her life. Again.

And that’s just the start. Max finds herself in a race against time when an old enemy is intent on destroying St Mary’s. An enemy willing, if necessary, to destroy History itself.

Very very very very very silly! I loved the first book in this series, Just One Damned Thing After Another, and this follows the successful formula to the letter.

Time travelling historians bonking all over time and having sassy, sexy adventures. It’s a curious mix off office-romance-revenge and running-through-history adventures. Paradoxes are cheerfully glossed over – as are historial exactitudes. Weirdly, the opening sub-plot never develops past the first few chapters. It just kinda fizzles out.

It’s a little slapdash – characters appear without much fanfare and conversations are hard to follow. But, you know what, that’s part of the charm.

It’s a fast-paced and funny book which doesn’t take itself too seriously. An absolute tonic.

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