Review: Yanmai USB Microphone

We're in the age of endless conference calls. So I decided to spruce up my audio hardware. Sadly, I don't have the budget for a professional podcaster's microphone. Luckily, I was sent this cheapo model to review. And, I'm pleased to say, it's pretty good!

Comes with a reasonably long USB cord, and a pop-shield.
A microphone with a pop shield.

The mic is suspended in a little elastic harness so it doesn't pick up vibrations.
A mic in an elastic harness.

It's fully adjustable - which is nice. And a has a removable spoffle.
An upright microphone.

There's no LED to show if it's on, and no mute button. But those are minor downsides.

Audio samples

Here's my voice, right up close to the mic, unamplified.

I stuck the mic out of the window to capture the birdsong. I've amplified it because the birds where quite far away, so there's a bit of background hiss.

I'm impressed with that! I'm sure all you proper audio geek and audiophiles are aghast at its lack of a gold-plated crosstalk suppression matrix. But it does the job for me.

Linux support

Like most audio hardware, it works perfectly on Linux. Shows up as 0d8c:0134. PulseAudio picked it up instantly. Worked in native programs like Audacity, and web conference calls.

Now to find a podcast that wants me as a guest!

Buy it

Cost £45 from Amazon

3 thoughts on “Review: Yanmai USB Microphone

  1. Jez S says:

    Good review, thank you.
    Looks good (and sounds good). A couple of quick questions:
    1. Do you have any opinion or measurement results on the direction sensitivity from different angles/orientation?
    2. Is it effectively a stereo mix or does it appear as a single channel?
    Thank you

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