Review: Heated Beard Straightener

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I am not a fashion blogger. The last time I did anything interesting to my hair, I did not enjoy it.

But lockdown has meant my beard hasn’t been shorn in three months. So when I was offered a beard styling product to review, how could I refuse?!

It’s around £16 on Amazon. I’ve no idea whether that’s a reasonable price or not.

There are two heat settings, a poorly translated user manual, and a UK plug – sadly not USB-C. It gets plenty warm which, if it were winter, would be deeply pleasant. I’ve no idea if I was using it correctly, but it left my coat sleek and glossy. Well, it left it marginally straighter.

The box loudly declares that it is a men’s product – but it should work fine on anyone’s beard.

This review unit was supplied by NiceRebate join using that affiliate link and I get a fiver. Or don’t. See if I care!

Now we’re in the heat of summer, I would shave off my beard, but the will of the people must be respected.

7 thoughts on “Review: Heated Beard Straightener

  1. Amy Roberts says:

    That top temperature 200oC is the same heat I am 3D printing PLA. Not sure that is healthy for the hair in the long term.

    1. @edent says:

      I can always get you to 3D print me a new beard!

      1. Amy Roberts says:

        🤔 not sure you want a beard that brittle if individual strands 🤣

  2. Ha ! Love it. Makes me want to grow a beard 🧔

  3. Husband uses his in the winter before going outside.
    Also your going to end up in ASMR world with that close to the mike to hear the brushing.

  4. this is more clickhole than clickhole

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