Happy Solstice from @edent_solar

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Solar panels on our roof.

Today is the longest daylight of the year. We had our new solar panels installed just after the vernal equinox – so now seems to be a good time to check in on how they’re doing. (Who am I kidding – I look at their output several times per day!) Today I generated 24.35kWh of…

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New T-Shirt Idea

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A t-shirt which says Dunning and Kruger and Gell and Mann.

Some days, I want everyone on the Internet to wear this t-shirt: Designed using Guillaume Chabot’s tool after the original 2K by Gingham – which has been parodied many times. Explaining the joke The Dunning–Kruger effect is – simply put – when people of low ability are over-confident in their ability. The Gell-Mann Amnesia effect…

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Nominations are now open for the @openuk_uk awards

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A bright and colourful logo showing the UK.

I’m a board member of Open UK – which promotes UK leadership in open technology – and we’re looking for nominations for our Open Source Awards. These are designed to honour the individuals and projects which have made a positive impact to open source, open data, and open hardware. You can nominate at openuk.uk/nominations/ There…

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Review – Phomemo Mini Bluetooth Printer

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A hand-held pink cube with paper coming out of it.

All printers are objectively awful. But this might be the cutest little printer I’ve ever used! This is the Phomemo M02 Pro. If you remember the late, lamented Little Printer you’ll immediately understand the appeal. Connect your phone to it, and immediately print out text, graphics, drawings, rules, Tweets, the weather, ANYTHING! It uses thermal…

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Building a Minimum Viable Laptop Sticker Business

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Lots of blinking stickers next to each other.

I made a laptop sticker. Enough people told me how much they liked it, that I decided to sell them. Here’s the story of how I (didn’t) become a millionaire. Prototype Normally, I’d upload a design to something like RedBubble, and sell the stickers that way. But I couldn’t find any sticker companies which sold…

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Wanted – audio output based on screen output for Linux

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OS displaying a long list of options.

I think what I’m asking for is impossible… I have a Linux laptop with built in speakers and an external monitor with speakers. The laptop connects to the screen via HDMI. I have my Linux desktop set up for dual screens. If I drag a window from one screen to the other, I want the…

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Book Review – Good Services

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A neon pink book cover.

A practical book for practitioners and non-practitioners alike interested in better service delivery, this book is the definitive new guide to designing services that work for users. My former colleague Louise has written a marvellous book. It reminds me of the great “Simplicity” by Edward de Bono – it’s a series of short chapters, interspersed…

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Gadget Review – YSSHUI NTAG215 NFC Tags

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A bunch of white plastic circles in a bag.

I’ve spent most of the last decade ranting against NFC. QR Codes are almost always superior to NFC. QR codes hold more data, are extremely cheap, and easy to spot. NFC tags are limited in size, expensive, and have no universally recognised icon. Oh, and NFC doesn’t work if it’s stuck on a metal surface!…

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For Sale – Animated Laptop Stickers

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Lots of blinking stickers next to each other.

This Tweet went unexpectedly viral! New blog post!I've built a physical <blink> tag!https://t.co/qD0VwG0gsgPlease forgive me 😁 pic.twitter.com/a7BjPXmBFJ — Terence Eden (@edent) May 21, 2020 Buy them! So I bought 200 of them for use as laptop stickers. I have an understanding wife. After some feedback from the sticker experts at TwenT3 – I redesigned them…

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Review: Shakespeare in the Park – Much Ado About Nothing

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Two lovers holding hands.

For a blog called “shkspr.mobi”, I don’t blog enough about Shakespeare. Sorry! The brilliant thing about Shakespeare is its versatility. You can do almost anything with it. Mess around with genders, set it in space, make a puppet show. It all just works. Perhaps you’ve seen a gender-flipped version of one of the minor history…

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