Laptop Sticker Paralysis

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I have a vivid memory of my school days. I'd completed a pencil sketch in art class. For once, I was impressed with my dexterity. Then the teacher demanded that I colour it in. I was terrified that I would ruin it. I begged to use the photocopier - but to no avail. So the drawing remained uncoloured.

I've been like that ever since. I have a crippling fear of doing something artistic which cannot be undone. That's why I prefer computers to the corporeal world. Mistakes are only ever a CTRL+Z away from being fixed.

My new laptop is bare. An blank canvas of "Space Grey". Anonymous in a sea of similar shells. So, like all good geeks, I decided to add stickers to it. Being in lockdown means I'm not visiting conferences any more, so I don't have any hip-cool startup branding to plaster over the cracks in my personality. So I raided my unused pile, and ordered a bunch more from RedBubble.

And then I got the fear.

Laptop covered in stickers, still on their backing paper.

If I put that one there it will overlap with that other one. But I want this one in the corner, which means that one won't have room. Will these look silly next to each other?


Eventually, I settled. I'm at home. No one is going to see this for months. Hell, I won't even see it because it's facing away from me! Stickers are pretty cheap, and so is cleaning fluid. No one's life is getting ruined because of my poor sticker placement.

But still…

No! Stop it!

Ta da!

Laptop covered in lots of geeky stickers.

I've got a few more coming in the post - and I hope to do some sticker swaps with friends once the pestilence has been driven from the land. If you have interesting stickers - or want to swap with some of mine - let me know.

2 thoughts on “Laptop Sticker Paralysis

  1. Would more stickers help?

  2. Sounds like you're considering a DDOS* attack on Edent to exacerbate his problem....evil!

    *Distributed Delivery of Stickers

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